Disney Info

I am the author of Sharing Walt's Dream: An Unofficial Guide To Disneyland. The latest version is dated September 1995.

Versions are available in the following forms:

  • PostScript (GnuZipped)
  • TeX DVI
  • Plain Text (readable online)
  • An HTML version is now available. An HTML 3.0-compliant browser, such as Netscape, is recommended, but the guide should be readable by any browser.

    With the move to the new server, the FTP site has gone away.

    Also available is the Walt Disney World Vacation Video Drinking Game.

    Other Disney Web pages - many of these contain links to other pages (Note that this list, like the rest of this page, is probably out of date.):

  • AlWeHo's Home Page: Home of the Disneyland Information Guide (DIG)
  • Doug and Lisa's Disney Home Page
  • Scar's Home Page (lots of links!)
  • Bill Sawyer's Disney FAQs and Archives
  • Josh's Home Page (numerous links)
  • John's Disneyland Page
  • Todd McCartney's Very Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World
  • Other Disney FTP sites:
  • Tim Pickett's Australian Archive
  • Caltech mirror of Tim's Archive, plus more...

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